Hey Anik!

I have something I think you might like, and I created this page to present it to you.

First, a quick update…

I’ve kind of been out of the IM world for about a year. God clearly wanted me to move out of it and on to different things. It’s been really great. With that time, I’ve focused on other pursuits along with my relationship with God. I’m very happy and optimistic.

Through that, I came to learn about a company with some visionary owners who are really helping people. I’ll explain that more in a second, but…

My one frustration with them is that they do not give us a good sales page… at all. That’s a HUGE gap they have. They really don’t do a well enough job explaining all their value. Coming from Internet Marketing, where pitches are finely tuned, how they got as far as they have puzzles me.

They offer their members the ability to buy precious metals at dealer cost without markup (sound money is asset-backed). There are no minimums to purchase, as the price is always at wholesale. With their compensation plan, associates can sell memberships and earn cash, which they can invest in precious metals or add to their income.

They do give this great example explaining why investing in silver and gold is good...

In 1965, 2500 oz of silver (which was $2500) would buy a new Mustang

But today:

  • That $2500 would just be a down payment on one Mustang
  • That 2500 oz of silver, however, would pay for TWO Mustangs

Here's What Happened...

So, it’s a gold and silver buying club, but it’s MORE than that:

  • They have their own coins minted and rated
  • There’s a marketplace to sell them at the best prices
  • There’s auto-shipments
  • There’s discounts on travel, restaurants, and other businesses (click to view)
  • There’s a health plan (insurance)
  • There’s an IRA
  • There are special coin drops
  • There’s… a lot

How It Works...

The setup is a left and right downline, so yeah, you could say it’s MLM, but you’re getting precious metals delivered to you.

There’s even something they call a Sound Money Wallet with lots of cool features (that they’re adding more features to). You can even use it kind of like a checking account and have your extra money stored in precious metals, which instantly converts to cash when you need it, which is awesome.

So… here’s the sales page they gave me (don’t laugh too hard):

More Info...

These videos explain their system pretty well if you have the time - I've sat through many of your videos, so maybe you'll watch one for me:

As of now, the top level gets you $12,500/week ($50,000/mo), which you can take as cash or even as gold/silver.

I Think You Would KILL This!

Of course you would. You could easily put together a better sales page. You could even offer that to people who sign up under you so they can build their downlines.

This is a program with many benefits, a chance for people to build real wealth, and they can build a job-replacing income. The buy-in is pretty low and affordable.

It’s a low-cost way for people to get going with a better financial future with assets that hold their value. I think you could really help a lot of people build some wealth – either personally or even out to your followers.

To sign up or just find out more,
let me know and I’ll connect you with Gina.
Just message me back on Facebook.

It would be better to do that than use the link in my page above because I want you in a certain place in my downline and she would take care of that. This would be in a group that has extra support and in a team that has been sweeping all the awards (the winning team).

Here’s another video that explains more:

It's up to you, of course. It seems like you were maybe looking for something to invest in and this covers that - along with being able to help others, which you're an absolute expert at.

Thank you for your time,

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